At Mid Del Tinker Kennel Club training classes part of our mission is to have a healthy environment for people in our community to come train their dogs.

For review we currently already have the following policies in place to help insure we have a healthy environment.

1.  Dogs must be minimum of 12 weeks old and current on all vaccinations.

2.  You need to provide a copy of the dogs shot records for the club to keep for their files.

 New policies added are as follows:

We realize the following policies are on the honor system.

We all have lost a beloved pet and it is devastating. I think we all would agree we would not wish this on anyone. The new policies are to help insure that no one else has to needlessly go through this loss.

     1.  Dogs that have been off food and/or water have a cough; have a fever, or diarrhea etc….

           -  Please do not bring to training classes.

      2.  Dogs that have been exposed to illness (i.e. parvo, kennel cough, and K9 flu etc…..)

           -  Please keep your dog at home for the incubation period.
           -  Must be cleared by a veterinarian
           -  Bring a letter from veterinarian clearing the dog in question for us to keep in our records.

 If you have any questions please contact:

Renee’ Morgan call or text phone 405-743-9546 

Mid Del Tinker Kennel Club
Training class