Board Member:  Bill Price

​Breed: Bull Mastiff​​

​Other: AKC Delegate, Show Chair, Obedience Chair, Rally Chair, Judges Selection Chair

Recording Secretary / Corresponding Secretary:  Mary Williams

Phone: 405-525-0633

Breed: Rottweiler​​

​Other: Sponsorship & Banner Chair, Grant Writer, CGC Evaluator, Facebook Coordinator

Vice President: Pete Williams

Breed: ​Rottweiler

​Other: Trophy Chair, Web Master, CGC Evaluator

President: Cindy Zelbst

Breed: Flat Coated Retriever

Other: RDO Committee Chair, CGC Evaluator, Hospitality Chair, Interim Treasurer

Treasurer: Debbie Edwards


Board Member:  David McNiff

​Breed: Doberman​​

​Other: Grounds

Training Director: Renee' Morgan

Breed(s): Dogue de Bordeaux, Rat Terriers

​Other: Membership Chair, Public Information Chair

​Phone: 405-743-9546


Board Member:  Billy Davison


​Other: Past President, Grounds

Council to the Board:  Frank Young

​Breeds: Great Dane,  Borzois

​Other: Anywhere and Anytime needed.

For a full membership roster of the Mid-Del-Tinker Kennel Club,

Please submit your request in writing to our Recording Secretary and the board will review your request.